We make your loved one’s everyday living much more comfortable and easier.

We provide PA services in the persons home to assist them with activities of daily living within the home and community.

Enhanced Support Services makes sure to hire competent personal assistants to care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With intensive training and education, our PA’s are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience to address the unique needs of every person served to each individual. We make every person served each individuals life easier and more comfortable by assisting them with activities of daily living, including meal planning and preparation, bathing, dressing, homemaking, and more.

Activities are guided by the individual’s personal choice and foster community relationships. Transportation to and from community outings is provided by agency staff utilizing agency owned vehicles.

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If you have questions, concerns, and clarifications, Enhanced Support Services is here to address your inquiries. Let us help you with what you need. Dial 423-631-0336 or use our online message form here.